The Journey Mastermind

Looking for expert resources, guidance, and a supportive community?
Dan Woerheide

Dan Woerheide - Founder

Elizabeth Fisher - Pro Growth VA Client Success

Elizabeth Fisher - Client Success

Get The Clarity You Need

Ready to bring your ideas to life?

You want to pursue work that’s meaningful and purposeful, but you’re not sure what that looks like or where to start…

If you’re ready to finally move into work you love, make your dreams a daily reality, and change the way you live and work, then we’d love to invite you to our new Mastermind Experience

The Journey Mastermind

We believe in “Helping more people better”. It’s not really about a numerical value though. 
See, we believe that by working to serve and make an impact in one person’s life each day – helping them discover direction, take action, and move into the work they love – it brings about a certain transformation in the other aspects of their lives. 

This transformation starts to show up not only in their own lives, but also in the lives of the people they seek to serve, the people they interact with daily, and the people that they’ve yet to meet. 

So, it’s about serving people well and serving, in turn, more people better. 

What you can expect:
First, you can expect resources, expertise, and a community of people who are going to contribute to your life and your work, the same way you’ll be able to contribute to theirs. You can expect to be challenged in a way that you may not have been challenged by any other coach before. 

We also invite experts from various businesses who are ready and excited to share their guidance and expertise with you.

We want to help you identify and create your action plan, set goals, and start achieving more today!

  • Weekly 90-minute Meetings 
  • Group Coaching  
  • Guest Experts Opportunities 
  • Accountability and a Community of Support and Connection 

Additionally, there’s going to be special events, early access to new promotions, and so much more… 

"Joining the Journey Mastermind has been a life changing experience for me... I started out my business with no prospects, no support, and no idea what I wanted to do or whom I wanted to serve. I only knew that I wanted to break free from traditional job roles that restricted my time and choked my creativity. After a brief call with Dan, I knew that he had the knowledge and experience to help guide me on this new journey and was excited to learn he was starting a Mastermind. Since then, I have come to Dan, Elizabeth, and the group each week with where I am and what I am struggling with at that moment. Without judgement, Dan and the group have helped me dig deeper and deeper into clarifying my goals and selecting accountability items to get there. And with their encouragement, I was able to successfully execute action items that have now quadrupled my clientele with more inquiries for work coming in every day. I had been hesitant initially to invest - questioning, "can this really get me further than I can get myself?" ... the answer has been YES, it can. It can and it has. I know I would not have grown this much or gotten this far if I hadn't joined the Journey Mastermind. If you are ready to get clarity and direction for your life and work, you are in safe and capable hands with Dan and Elizabeth."

(Spoiler Alert – we’re not done creating new ways to add more to this offer)

This mastermind experience starting at only $997 per month.

** This is a 1-year commitment, only for those who are ready to take massive action to improve their business and their lives. 

If you’re ready to invest in yourself at the next level, our commitment to you is that when you show up, when you do the work, when you accept that you WILL be challenged, then we know you will grow. 

This opportunity isn’t for everyone, and we want to ensure that this is right for you.

There’s no unstated terms – just real value, successes, and a focus on helping people move forward!

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