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Are you “The Expert”?

Experts of all kinds try to make us believe they are “The Expert” and that they know best. They try to convince us that they have the solution to all of our business or marketing problems.

“If we just do this one thing”… BUY NOW, have you heard that before?

The problem is they are setting us up for failure because there isn’t a one size fits all option that will resolve all of your business and marketing problems.

As business owners, marketing professionals, or sales professionals there is one thing that’s certain, our customers are becoming more and more adept to marketing and sales practices every single day.

If you’re a business leader or a sales and marketing professional and you want to turn your customers into raving fans of your business, then it’s time to get real with them.

It’s time for businesses to start admitting that they don’t have all the answers. This does two things for us.

  1. It shows we are human. There are real people behind that brand
  2. It lets them know that you’re not “just trying to make a sale”

More importantly, it shows that we are genuine and have integrity.

When you can demonstrate how you’ll work with them to identify the right solution or at least communicate that you may not have the solution they need, you begin to be seen as someone who cares.

People don’t want an expert that has all the answers or solutions to their problems and has it all figured out. People want someone they can trust that will guide them to success in their own lives.

Don’t be the expert or the Hero, focus on how you can be the guide that your customers are seeking.

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