Creating a Pitch

Creating A Killer Pitch

There’s lot’s of buzz around the need to create a killer pitch.

Let’s start with “what is a pitch”. Simply put, your pitch is really the words you use to talk about what you do. As a business owner, this is the all-important “Why should I be interested in what you do” statement.

Whether your attending a business function, a networking event, or a back-yard BBQ, the question always comes up, “So, what do you do?”. Your answer to that question could determine whether you make a sale in that moment or not.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched people start to sweat, their voice gets a little shaky and they start fumbling over their words. This is especially true when they have the opportunity to “pitch” their business or product to one of their “ideal” customers.

If you’ve ever been overcome with doubt when faced with the question “What do you do?”, a quick internet search for crafting an elevator pitch will show you clearly, you’re not alone.

In fact, there’s a ton of resources available offering valuable advice on how to craft the perfect pitch. If that’s the case, a logical question might be, why am I writing this post?

The truth is, most experts will tell you, what you need to craft the perfect pitch is a combination of words to tell people how great you, your product, or your service are.

But there’s a problem. Most people who ask that question, aren’t really looking to find out how great you are. What they’re searching for is someone who can help them overcome a problem or obstacle that’s preventing them from getting what they want.

Think about the last good story you read or movie you watched. In almost every instance, there is a hero who is facing a “problem”, but we all know that the hero can’t solve the problem on their own. It’s about that time that the author or screenwriter introduces another character, the “guide”. The guides purpose is to help devise a plan that will allow the hero avoid failure and win the day.

When you come along introducing yourself or your business as the hero, your audience is more likely to tune you out. Your customers want to know how you can help them become the hero in their own story. Every one of us wakes up and we’re searching for the resources that are going to help us survive and thrive. Why? Because we all want to be a hero in our own journeys.

Create a One-Liner

I believe in the power of the One-Liner to craft your “pitch”. A one-liner is simply 1-2 sentences that introduce you as the guide your customers are searching for. A one-liner allows you to talk about your business in way that invites your customers into a story.

How to craft a one-liner

In order to craft the “perfect” pitch, you have to start by clearly defining the problem your customers are facing as it relates to the product or service you provide.

By clearly defining the problem, it allows you to start talking about the problems your customers are facing and when you introduce your solution, they finally understand why you exist in their lives.

The Problem:

The one-liner starts by clearly defining the problem your customers are facing as it pertains to your business.

The Solution:

Next is your time to shine. The second component of an effective one-liner is introducing the solution you provide. When you have effectively communicated a problem that your customers are facing, you have their attention. By introducing the solution next, you’re starting to paint a picture in their mind of something they have been searching for.

The Transformation:

The last component of the one-liner is to put the final touches on that painting in their mind. Describe the benefits of solving that problem. Painting a picture of success on the other side of the problem they are facing and the transformation you help them achieve as a result of your solution.

  1. Start by clearly describing the problem
  2. Introduce your unique solution
  3. Describe the transformation

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