Building a BrandScript

Why You Need a BrandScript

Why you need a BrandScript

Imagine building a new home without a foundation to work from. Now imagine that you have no foundation and no design plans to reference. Your builder would simply make educated guesses at where you might want walls, and what you might like best. Without a foundation, the stability of the entire project would be in question.

Well, that’s what’s happening in your marketing. That’s what you’re doing when you ask your team or agency to execute on your vision without providing them a clear foundation to work from. A BrandScript can help you solve that problem by providing a clear communications foundation for your brand and your products or services.

Don’t Leave Your Team Guessing

Without a clear framework, designers and marketing teams are often left to their experience and a level of understanding that informs their decisions. Many times that leads to multiple rounds of content edits before the projects ever move to design. You’re simply losing precious time that could be used to attract more customers and generate more sales. Not to mention the added expenses; you’re paying for the time it takes to move through each round of revisions.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate your vision in a way that provides clear direction and a unified understanding of the message you want to see come to life in your marketing?

A BrandScript is the Foundation of Your Business Marketing

A BrandScript is a clear narrative, a framework that leverages the 7 major elements of story, that enables you to clearly communicate your vision and your mission. Finally, you can align everyone on your team, your contractors, and even your marketing agency. Each of your team members can easily understand the major points you want to communicate throughout your marketing. By creating a BrandScript, you are able to see your words and your visions clearly depicted through each phase of the project from building content through the design process and even in execution on your publication channels.

Stop Wasting Precious Time and Money

So, stop wasting precious time and money on unnecessary back and forth. Instead, ensure you’re communicate with your team and your customers with the messages they need to “get the job done right”. Whether it’s understanding why they should purchase from you or simply putting your visions into “writing” a BrandScript is the foundation for your business communications.

Create Your BrandScript Today

It’s easy to create the right message for your business and start your BrandScript today. You can easily create a free account and follow the prompts to build your own here: . If you’d like to someone to help you communicate your vision in a way that’s going to be easily understand by your customers and your team, but don’t have time to do it yourself, I’d be happy to setup a time to work with you. Simply click here to Schedule A Call Today

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